Life Of Kavi Kalapi



January 26, 1874 સુરસિંહજી તખ્તસિંહજી ગોહિલ (Sursinhji Takhatsinhji Gohil), popularly known as Kalapi is a renowned name in Gujarati literature was born in the royal family at Lathi Saurashtra Gujarat.

Schooling He was studying in one of the famous school of Rajkot " Rajkumar College ".



December, 1989 He was married with two princess at the age of 15. One princess was Rajba-Ramaba, the princess of Kutch - Roha. She was 8 years smaller than Sursinhji. The second princess was Kesharba-Anandiba, the Princess of Saurashtra-Kotada. She was 2 years older than Sursinhji.

Anandiba Sursinhji never could love Anandiba and get close to her but he never stepped back from his duties as her husband. He always respected her for being his wife till his last breath.

Ramaba, Wife of Kavi Kalapi Ramaba, Wife of Kavi Kalapi
Anandiba, Wife of Kavi Kalapi Anandiba, Wife of Kavi Kalapi

Ramaba Ramaba being intelligent and caring, gained Sursinhji's love and affection. Monghi called as Shobhna by Sursinhji, was a maid who had come along with Ramaba when she got married and then stayed back in Lathi to serve Ramaba. At that time, Shobhna was just around 7- 8 year old.



January 21, 1895 Sursinhji Takhatsinhji when he was of 21 years, he was handed the kingdom of Lathi(રાજ્યાભિષેક).


Shobnaba From this time he started establishing difference of opinion with Ramaba. During this period his affection towards Shobhna became intense and she became the queen of his heart. He wanted to marry her but Ramaba did not accepted. From this moment King Sursinhji became Kalapi and started writing letter, poems for Shobhna.



June 09, 1900 Kavi Kalapi lived a short but memorable and valued life. His breath stopped in the name of Shobnaba.